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Designer’s Insight

Discover your client's unique design style by using the Designer's Insight™ system together to explore their preferences and individual tastes. This award winning new system clarifies your client's design style and opens up a dialogue, allowing designer and client to talk about design in their own language. Build rapport and trust with this quick and easy method.

The Designer's Insight™ kit contains a distinctive collection of items reflecting a range of design elements - the items that your client selects create a framework or concept that is the beginning of the design project. The kit facilitates an interactive process that helps clients uncover their true style with visual, tactile, emotional, and memory cues while giving the designer tons of information about the client's design needs and taste. Click on the "Events" tab for more information.

To learn how to use this amazing tool there is a hands-on interactive workshop followed by an in-depth seminar which results in becoming certified in the Designer's Insight™ system. Click on the tab "Learn It Now" for dates and times of classes.

THE BENEFIT: Designer and client connect on a personal level. Now everyone understands what the client needs in their surroundings -- giving the designer a clear path to create a project that the client will love.

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